Ex2 System Review by Matt Huston

Give me 60 seconds and I’ll tell you EXACTLY how I was able to pull my ex back, even when she wouldn’t answer my calls…

…and the one secret that FINALLY helped me stop sabotaging myself.

So you want to get your ex back.  Believe me, I’ve been there and what I will tell you in the next few paragraphs could change your situation dramatically.  If your like most guys, there are about a thousand things running through your mind right now and what you need is some direction.  I’m here to give it to you, and some of it may shock you.  Hold on, here we go…

My quick story:

I was in the longest relationship of my life with a wonderful girl.  She was funny, quirky, and super beautiful.  We got along great and it seemed like we had more of a connection than anyone else I had ever met.  I could basically do anything with her (and we could also do NOTHING at all and it was AWESOME!).

Then all of a sudden she started acting weird and distant.  She didn’t call as much and basically just started drifting away which seemed really strange to me.  I didn’t know what to do.  Then she gave me the dreaded “Let’s just be friends” talk.  I was floored.  I had no idea what happened.

I didn’t know what to do, I felt like I had lost what was most important to me. Things I enjoyed doing, even without her, weren’t the same anymore. My friends told me I wasn’t being myself, and I knew I needed her back in my life. But how?

I tried a bunch of things to get her back.  I tried calling her, explaining to her why we should be together.  Shit, I even sent flowers.  Nothing worked.  What was I supposed to do?

I started searching around the internet looking for advice and I found lots of it.  Most of it terrible.  I did however find the most powerful advice that I ever read, and I want to share it with you, since all good guys deserve to be treated right.

What I’ve got:

While searching, I found a bunch of books online about couples to get back together.  I read up on all of them and finally decided on one called the Ex2 System.  It seemed the most legit, so I decided to get it.

For real, I had never bought a book online, but honestly at that point I didn’t know what to do.  The book had a money back guarantee, so I thought to myself, “Jonah, (that’s me)  You have two choices. Either you get the book and you use it as a guide to get your ex back and it is totally worth it, OR if it doesn’t work, You can just return it and get ALL your money back, no questions asked.”

That was easy enough decision for me.  I got the book and here’s what I found inside:


The Ex2 System by Matt Huston:

  • The blueprint on how to get your ex back, from beginning to end, no matter what the situation.
  • 3 steps to get your ex back in bed with you
  • 4 Super Secret seduction tactics to get her craving you back
  • The REAL reason she broke up with you (she doesn’t want to “just be friends”… that doesn’t make sense!)
  • How to become the sexy man that she can’t resist when she sees you again
  • Plus tons more.

That’s not it, there are also free gifts too. You’ll have to check those out on the next page:

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What it will do for you:

The ex2 system will systematically guide you Step by Step on how to get your ex back from beginning to end.  (That’s what you want right?? )  It will teach you all the things you were doing wrong, why that failed miserably, and what you need to do to do it right.

What you should do next:

Click the link below to check out the Ex2 System, then download the book to start getting your ex back!

Check out the Ex2 System here!

The Ex2 System

Why Assholes Always Win, and Nice Guys Always lose

A hell of  a title, right? I grew up wondering this for so long, debating in my head over and over about it.  How could social interaction be so unfair? I was a really nice guy, lots of girls would like me and I would never treat them like the other assholes that I always heard about.

If these kinds of thoughts go through your mind, or have in the past, don’t feel bad.  Just realize that they are only slightly skewed. The reality of the situation is that girls don’t dislike nice guys, but they hate PUSSIES.  The term “nice guy” is usually used as a euphemism for an extremely timid, weak dude.

Girl’s don’t necessarily love assholes, but they do have to put up some kind of shield to all the weakness thats going around.  They want a MAN.  A man that can really stand up, get through anything, say what’s on his mind and not give a shit what anyone else thinks (and that can sometimes come across as being an asshole).  It’s not that they love assholes, but they do like guys who have ultimate confidence and do what they want when they want.  It’s like a breath of fresh air, a shock from the mundane social interactions that they have with 90% of guys.

So now that we’ve covered the distinction, what can you do about it? Accepting the distinction is half the battle.  Now what you can do is apply this idea in every social interaction and train yourself to be more confident.  You don’t have to put everyone down, act like a jerk, but if something sucks or some girl is a bitch, you can tell her, all in a ‘I don’t give a fuck’ manner.  You must do this carefully–you can’t actually be hurt by it, you must genuinely not care.  If you can pull off this attitude, you have immediately became more confident–and attractive.  Work on this, and you will start to see results.   Be careful at first since this will be a new attitude for you, but I promise over time this will increase your attractiveness 7 fold.

Flowers in a Relationship

Flowers play a big part in a relationship especially in the beginning.  It is often understood that you have to give flowers to your special someone sometimes but what to give makes it very tricky. Flowers and colors stand for something and many a times, a girl often knows them all and may affect the relationship and closeness depending on the flower you gave and the color it has. However, giving of flowers often helps guys to express feelings that they cannot say, thus making the connection and the effort noticed.

If you think that she looks just amazing and gorgeous and you feel shy to say it out loud, say it with flowers. Women love getting flowers, even those who say they don’t. Start with simplicity. Primroses, daisies and amaryllis stands for beauty so let them know they are adored by giving them some. Gladioli stands for handsomeness and strength, so ladies do not think that you’re the only one in the relationship to receive flowers.

If, however, you are in a very new relationship and you’re still trying to move slowly, start with flowers that mean friendship like pink roses which connotes friends before going in to some serious emotions. Irises symbolize friendship that is cherished and periwinkles in a bouquet are also an equivalent to saying ‘thank you for this new friendship.’

If you’re in a relationship that is serious or has gone through many ups and downs and has gone stronger each time, you may want to declare your love and adoration to your partner with flowers as a sign of appreciation and love. Red tulips and roses symbolize love and for the hopelessly in love, there are yellow tulips. A bouquet of Phlox is a proposal of marriage and if you are really sly and off the tracks, a bunch of spider flowers symbolize ‘elope with me!’

Are You in a Long Distance Relationship?

The relationship and dating methods today are rapidly evolving. A lot of couples now have not seen each other for real life. They created and started relationships virtually, that is, they met, became friends and eventually began a relationship through the internet. Some people also share relationships apart and continue to strengthen the bond even apart with the means of being online.

Long distance relationships, no matter how it started, are a tough decision to make and a hard relationship to have. Having your loved one on the other side of the world or in another island, city or state is difficult. Distance can be overwhelming and the fact that they are away and actually meets other people makes you anxious. Those people who are in a long distance relationship must have a very strong bond established and a good sense of trust built for the relationship to work out. Without trust, the relationship crumbles even with just a few weeks of being apart.

You may not see the beauty of being in a long distance relationship if you have not been into one but being in it does have its perks. You get to have your own freedom and you may get to know how much you really love that person to commit to them even if they’re not with you. Simple things together are appreciated. When you are together always, eating out, sitting together on a bench or sand watching the sun go down are just some of the things that goes unnoticed. Couples in a long distance relationship notice everything and appreciates each other more knowing that they cannot do it in person yet.

When the right time comes that the couples personally meet, joy and overwhelming happiness as well as excitement and fun is felt and the bond grows stronger. Long distance relationship makes couples strong and other couples fall apart. But this only means that they are really not meant to be.